Grab yourself a signed copy of my first cult novel, Facetime.


Esmerelda is a stylish, unemployed, ex-student with a band of eccentric friends. Who can blame her for falling in love online with a mysterious and charming American?

Esmerelda: Stylish. Unemployed. Has a taste for psychic hotlines.

Ned: Hardcore geek. Looks like garden gnome. Has a photographic memory for B-grade sci-fi dialogue.

Charlotte: Esmerelda's new housemate. Takes herself too seriously, even when nude-dancing with her boyfriend.

Who can blame Es for falling in love with a charming, mysterious, trash-culture-loving American she meets in an online chatroom? 

'This book hits waaay too close to home. I sent a copy to my online girlfriend.:)' Stu Hefner, Studboy Magazine

'Wow! It's even better than the Internet!!!'

Caffeine, Internet Tsar

Facetime by Winnie Salamon